Ministry (and the Christian life) really is just like a foot race (Hebrews 12:1-2). I haven't ever run a marathon, and probably won't ever run a marathon, but I've always loved hearing the stories of those who do.

Any distance runner will tell you the way to run a long race is to set it up like many small races. Pick the time you want for each leg of the race, and aim for that. When you run in small increments, it's more difficult to get overwhelmed and much easier to take one challenge at a time.

I feel like I'm on an uphill leg of the race right now. I've got several big projects I'm working on at the church, and a really difficult passage to prepare for my sermon Sunday. It's going to be a difficult week. But, Hebrews 12:1-2 has been a great encourage to me this morning. Here are my goals this week:

1. Remember: others are watching (12:1).
2. Get rid of the distractions, sinful and otherwise (12:1).
3. Run the right race - the one marked out for me; not a bunch of other little races (12:1).
4. Keep it in perspective - the goal of the week isn't to complete a sermon, it's to serve the Author and Perfecter of my faith well (12:2).
5. Remember the joy to come (12:2).

See you at the finish line.