Free or Costly?

Random thought today:

I think the perception that people like free stuff is a false perception.

People equate cost with value. If something is free, many people perceive it as having little value.

My experience is that people want expensive things... they just don't want to have to pay for them.

Case in point: A few weeks ago we gave away some CDs from SEARCH Ministries called "The Search for Meaning." They're great CDs answering 12 apologetic questions that stand in the way of a person trusting Christ. We offered them "free" to a couple of thousand people and gave away less than fifty.

Instead of offering them "free," if we had made an announcement that a generous donor had paid for these CDs so that each person in the auditorium could have a copy of this CD, I guarantee we would have given away 500.

People don't want free things. They want costly things that don't cost them anything.


lisa said...

Is this why some people are reluctant to accept salvation? because it is free to them?

WE know it was actually quite costly, that - like you said - a generous donor paid for it Himself.

I used to think that there had to be a catch to something that was that free.

I just recently got a couch off Craigslist that was originally $4000. I paid $100, AND Ben haggled the guy into delivering it and helping to carry it into our new place.

You'd be right in assuming that I'm quite exciting that it.