We're sending out two mission teams of young adults from McKinney today. One team is going to Florence, Italy to conduct a Vacation Bible School alongside a church plant there. The other team is going to Zambia to do a Vacation Bible School with an AIDS orphanage as well as some medical work alongside a hospital there. Join me in praying for both teams over the next 10 days.

I recently read something that has changed the way I am praying for these teams. I'll review "Just Do Something" at some point in the future, but Kevin DeYoung has quickly become one of my favorite new authors. In his book he writes, "... most of our prayers fall into one of two categories. Either we ask that everything will be fine or we ask to know that everything will be fine. We pray for health, travel, jobs - and we should pray for these things. But a lot of prayers boil down to, "God, don't let anything unpleasant happen to anyone. Make the world nice for everyone..."

DeYoung goes on to show that those are cowardly prayers. God's will for our life is not for us to be safe - it's that we are available to be used, trusting Him with the outcome. Such a realization sets us up to take wise risks.

Pray for teams Italy and Zambia teams. Pray for their safety and for provision, but ultimately, pray that God will use them.


chloeadele said...

weird that as i was praying for the teams, i caught myself praying for their safety, their health, the health of those they will be serving...

for all the unpleasantries to stay far far away from everyone involved.

so i switched it up a bit. not that i want anyone to get sick or hurt or whatever. but i prayed that hearts and eyes would be open and that no matter what happens, that God's will would be done and that their trust in Him would increase.

recovering cowardly lion