I don't know if you heard or not, but Michael Jackson passed away last week.

Oh, you did hear?

Michael Jackson was known all over this planet, so the news coverage for the last 4 days has been non-stop King of Pop. Radio Stations are wearing out their copy of Thriller, and the Jackson Five are getting so much airtime their clothes may come back in style.

But here in about 3 days there will be a funeral and the world will move on. Michael Jackson will be remembered once a year when Barbara Walters does a "Where are they now" interest story on the anniversary of his death to remind us his body is still in the ground.

No disrespect, but Michael Jackson - as wildly popular as he was - will be forgotten.

Most of us cannot moonwalk. We'll never be able to to rock "I Want You Back" like little MJ. But we have the potential to make an impact that will ripple far longer than the King of Pop's.

Scripture is clear that the life lived well before God and his people will be "remembered forever" (Psalm 112:5-6).

The lives we live and investments we make today in what God is doing in the world will echo forever.

That's quite a ripple.