Logos Training

We had a great end of last week at the software training in Oklahoma City.

Tony always live blogs from conferences, but I figured it probably wasn't as cool to liveblog from a software training as it is to track Ed Young's wardrobe changes. So, I held myself back.

The software we were learning is Logos (which is a part of the Libronix system). Logos is a pretty serious Bible study software that comes at different levels for different levels of study. (And with different price tags for different levels of committment).

We took the training from Morris Proctor Seminars on the recommendation of my cousin-in-law Rob who helped organize the thing (and then bailed on it so he could watch Ed Young's wardrobe changes).

To be honest, I was dreading the training, but was looking forward to the opportunity to get away from the office and connect with one of the young leaders in our singles ministry. But the seminar turned out to be excellent. I told the guy who went with me that if I had known what I know now about Logos, I could have graduated from seminary a semester earlier. And, I'd have a lot more hair.

This seminar put so much power at my fingertips, and completely opened up the usability of this software for me. I know shortcuts and study-helps today that will save me hours.

It was a good weekend.

Plus, we got to eat at Ted's Cafe Escondido on Thursday night. Hear me now and believe me later: no greater mexican food exists on the planet.