Family Friday - Part 2

Shots stink.

So do Dads who let their baby cry so they can snap a picture.


Kara said...

Poor guy...give him some love Daddy!

The Kinley's said...

Amen to the shots sucking!! Word of warning...don't put him in the nursery tomorrow, he'll only pick something up because of all the little viruses running through his body and make next week horrible for Kari. Wait till next week.

Chris Freeland said...

You know Crissy, that's a pretty good point. Kari's going to be sorely disappointed because she has been looking forward to being in Union without distraction, but you make a good point.

That's a first for you, huh?!

Mammamia said...

LOL. Hope you don't mind me stopping by. I noticed your blog address on your facebook status and I like blogging better :)

I have plenty of shots like this myself. You gotta preserve the memories, right?