Yesterday morning, we had Rob Sweet  in our staff meeting. Rob was an executive at Chick-Fil-A doing team-building for their owner-operators before leaving to attend and work at Dallas Seminary. He currently serves as the Associate Director of the Center for Christian Leadership. 

Rob talked about the 5 Commitments of Dynamic Teams, and led our staff team through some exercises to discover how we can take our team from good to great. Here are some thought-provoking things Rob said: 

- You can only lead or attract people to the level you occupy. 

- People always have more fun when they know their objectives and get to keep score.

- Could you convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that your people are growing spiritually?

- In meetings, there is so much you can do (information, collaboration, celebration, etc...). The question is, "what will you do?" 

- Energy management is more important than time management. If you manage energy well, you can get a lot more done in an amount of time. 

And my favorite:
- Here's a secret: Leadership is not just about setting vision. It's often about removing obstacles to achieving that vision. 

There's more, but you'll have to call Rob. We didn't instantly move from good to great yesterday, but we're running on the right tracks. 

You can't do things like that all the time, or you become an inwardly focused team. But, it's certainly an important exercise for groups of people who work as a team.