My Weekend

Yeah, I'm blowing off another post today with some gratuitous pictures of my weekend. We had a great trip to Oklahoma, and made it back safely Sunday morning around 2am. We always feel like we need to stretch as much as we can out of those trips, which sometimes leaves us feeling more tired when we return. It's worth it though - always good to spend time with family. 

Saturday night we got to go to the Oklahoma State football game. It was our nephew John Michael's first college football game. As you can tell from the empty seats, this is well before the game started. When Oklahoma State ran out on the field, Pistol Pete (the mascot) shot off a huge sawed-off shotgun. That was when John Michael headed for the door. He and his dad headed for the car to watch movies instead. It's fine - his dad cheers for the "other" school in Oklahoma and wasn't too interested in the game anyway. 

We played Texas A&M, and got to watch their band perform. If you've never watched them perform, the Aggie Band is worth the price of a ticket to a football game. I meant to take a picture of them before they left the field, but forgot. So, this is the Aggie Band leaving the field. 

The Aggie Band makes it worth putting up with Aggie fans, who have to be among the most obnoxious in college football (sorry guys... love ya, but it's true. I'm all for tradition, but some of the stuff you guys do is pretty creepy to everyone else but you!) Even still, they're a nice bunch of people, and were (for the most part) very gracious guests on Saturday. 

Casen didn't get to go to the game - he stayed in Edmond with Iron-Millie. Kari's mom stayed behind with a 6 week old, and twin 11 month old girls, and seemed to be of sound mind when we returned. I'm not sure how she did it, but if I find out, I'll let you know her secret. 

I'll try to give you some substance tomorrow once I get ahead of this sermon that's staring me down on Sunday. 


Kara said...

Can I just say how jealous we are that you got to go to a game. We haven't been in a really long time, I think Caden was an infant. We are only a few hours away, but can't imagine hauling all the kiddos there. One of these days right!