Values in Balance

Yesterday, I was talking to our Young Singles leadership team about our values, and how important it is for values to be in balance. 

Two of our values are authenticity and maturity. We value being a ministry where people are able to be "real" with each other. And, we value being a ministry where people are constantly growing toward spiritual maturity. 

Neither of those two values is much of a challenge to purse; the trick is pursuing them in tandem. Authenticity has been a good "buzz word" for Christians in the past decade, and is an important value for the church. But if we have authenticity without maturity, we have a bunch of people who are open and honest about sharing in sin together. If we pursue maturity without authenticity we will either become monks/nuns, or a bunch of legalistic hypocrites.

We have to constantly be pursuing all of our values all of the time, and consistently checking to ensure that our pursuit of one is helping our pursuit of the others.