Family Friday - Baby Watch, Unrelated Rant

We have an induction date. Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz Freeland will begin to make his appearance on or before August 21st, 2008. If he's not here by that point, induction will happen at 4am. Good thing Kari's a morning person!

And now for something completely different: If anyone from Dish Network happens to read my blog, I'd sure love to talk to you. My pregnant wife was held "hostage" by a contractor yesterday who was supposed to be at the house between 12-5 yesterday, and finally graced us with his presence at 7. He called at 5:30 to say he might be a little late. Thanks for that.

Although I appreciate the 5 hour window between which a repairman might show up at my door, it's completely incomprehensible to not hit that 5 hour time frame without a courtesy phone call before the fact. I shouldn't have to call you.

And when I do have to call you, the robotic woman on the phone is sweet, but if she has to remind me that my call is important to you, it probably isn't. When I do finally talk to a human, and he puts me back on hold, another 15 minutes of Yanni is not the best way to find me in a good mood when he returns from his coffee break.

If Dish Network wasn't by far and away the best financial deal for my family, I would have switched to DirecTV last night. As it is, I'll probably wait until tonight.

Your product is important to me. Please continue to wait for my business. I will be back with you shortly.

Man, that felt good.

[/therapeutic rant]


dave said...

I stayed home from work yesterday because the window people were supposed to come out and replace the faulty windows they put in our house. They also scheduled themselves for "between noon and five." Five o'clock came and went with no window people, and not even a phone call. I couldn't believe it. I stayed home from work for them.

Brenda Liniger said...

Yea for a set date, it is crazy to know the exact date you could meet your son! Do you like knowing the date or would the surprise factor have been your cup of tea?

The Kinley's said...

I wish my rants were as entertaining as yours to read. I think I just babble, but people who know me know that I write the same way I talk.

I am so excited....only 2 1/2 more weeks!!!

Kara said...

I am a little late, but can I just rant on the fact you have an induction date...I am so jealous! I told Cory I better have one set at my next appt. or I am going to take drastic measures to get this kid out!