Family Friday

Baby "C" watch is down to 6 days pre-induction, although our OBGYN said yesterday indicated she wouldn't be at all surprised if Kari popped before that. I've developed a Pavlovian response in which every time my phone rings, my heart stops. That's not good.

Pregnancy and marriage are two of God's greatest gifts; not just because in each case a lifelong relationship is established, but because people do a pretty great job of coming out of the woodwork to love on you.

We've had a bunch of showers, where people have dumped truckloads of gifts on us. Kari's hand is permanently deformed from writing "thank you" notes, though even they can't convey exactly how grateful we are for people thinking of us.

If you're in a Sunday School class or small group with young married people who are expecting children, the Union class at McKinney Church is currently setting an example you should follow. At some point late in the pregnancy (and also before marriages, for that matter), the class devotes the first several minutes of class to specifically praying for these new babies. They put the expectant mom and dad in the middle of the room and form a circle around them, and then take turns praying for that child. It's a really great tradition.

In ten or fifteen years, as some of these people visit with our son, they'll honestly be able to say that they were praying for him before he was born. What a cool thing...


Brenda Liniger said...

Getting prayed over by people you care for is one of the greatest gifts you can get when pregnant!

Kara said...

That is a cool thing, we have always prayed over our babies, but to have your class do it would be even greater!

I really am praying for a quick, smooth delivery for Kari, and for a healthy baby! Can't wait to hear the good news, although I will be a little jealous, as I still have 3 or more weeks to go!