Interview of Catherine Rohr by Jim Mellado

Catherine Rohr is the founder and CEO of "Prison Entrepreneurship Program," a program that connects senior business executives with inmates to connect them with values-based entrepreneurial training enabling them to productively re-enter society.

- These guys have already proven to be entrepreneurs. We're just helping them excel at something they're already good at, legally.

- I truly believe God put me on earth so I could ultimately end up in prison.

- My favorite prayer: "Bring it on, God. Bring it on."

- We went all-in financially. Then God called me to Texas, which was the harder piece.

- For me it was one act of obedience at a time. One thing after another.

- God has a better plan for my life than mine, so I just need to chill out and let Him be in control.

- David, Moses, and Paul are "old school" murderers. We want to be like them. But today's murderers can't shake the label of "ex-con."

- Just show up in the morning [in prayer and reliance on God], get your orders for the day, and execute in obedience.

- (Jimmy) All of us lead up.

- It's very important to me that we don't take a dope dealer, teach him to be a better business man so he can be a better dope dealer. We're about building character.

- We can be broken and still be lovable, and loved.

- Don't let your emotions over criticism get in the way of you doing your business.

- I could spend all day long addressing rumors, so I don't.

- I don't work with perverts, lingerers, or slackers, so don't give me a lingering look or I'll kick you out.

- If I'm not in good shape (emotionally, spiritually, in my marriage), I'm letting the whole organization down.

- People like to give out of success, they don't like to fund out of desperation to keep the lights on. They want to be connected to a winner.

- We want to be about compassion, not pity.

- A lot of people tend to be wowed by my story. I'm just a person who had a skillset who gave it up for God. Why doesn't that happen more often? It's not about what Texas would be missing if I didn't follow in obedience. I can't imagine what I would be missing if I didn't follow.

- I dare you to pray "Bring it on, God."